Spider in the Shower

Spiders do not scare me. I am a hiker, teacher, caretaker of children; one who has no time to be afraid of spiders. I ┬ámean, if it’s gigantic, I WILL be creeped out, but typically spiders and I are cool. I was in the shower the other morning. Lifting up my shampoo, I noticed a little, 8 legged guy. I smile and wonder how he got in here, knowing I check for insect holes in my house all the time. He starts to walk toward the water. Oh, no. What are you thinking little spider?! He proceeds to walk right on down into the tub and the pools of water. I’ll save you! I scoop him up using the cap to my shampoo bottle and think yay! I did it. Now you can live. I am relieved and believe I can return to cleansing, but then he starts walking toward the water again. Really? You’re really just going to walk right back into the water when I just heroically saved your life? What the heck dude. He gets wet and turns into a soggy ball. I, once again, scoop him up with the cap and placed him in dry safety, wondering if he is dead. I know he’s made some mistakes, survival of the fittest, all that jazz, but I really want to give this guy a shot. After a few minutes he moves a little bit. I go to work, forget about the spider. Later, after a long, hot, sweaty day at work, I return to the shower for an afternoon rinse (2 showers, I know! I’m a horrible hippie environmentalist). He is still there, dead. I wonder what the spider would have done if he hadn’t drowned. Also, how many spiders drown each year. They did a study on how many spiders people eat while the sleep, can’t someone do a study on this. I’d like to know. In memory of shower spiders everywhere.