Isn’t it funny how friendships change over time? When you are young, it’s about how many friends you have and if they are in the “right” group. In our late teens and early twenties we worried about how many Facebook friends we had. We worried about who exactly these friends were and if they were of the right type of people. We would make sure to take pictures with the “right” kinds of friends and “forget” to take pictures with those who we really loved, those we thought society wouldn’t approve of. As we age, we come to learn truths about life. That friendships are not group en devours. Yes, you can have a really great friend group, but those life changing friendships happen between individuals. As you age you let go those friends who seemed so cool, but really only made you feel bad about yourself. You stop caring what your friends look like, and only focus on who they are and how they make you feel. You feel happiness because you’ve learned to accept anyone into your life who makes it better, and kick anyone else out who doesn’t. There is a slight remorse about all those friends you let slip past you, not “cool” enough at the time. You wonder how those friendships would be now if only you weren’t so bitchy and didn’t care so much about what “others” thought at the time. At twenty something you are grateful for those things you have learned about true friendship and hope you are able to keep it up; maintain those that you already have and be fearless in making new ones.


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