Song of My Life #1: She Went out for Cigarettes by Chely Wright

I love music. I don’t just love it, it fuels my soul. I am constantly singing, either out loud if appropriate, or in my head if not. Music connect us to each other. It connects us to ourselves. Music has inspired me, centered me, and helped me through the roughest times of my life. Sometimes I just love the feeling of the music. Other times the lyrics are what get me. Nothing can make feel joy or sadness any deeper than music can. My life would be lacking in so many ways without music. Because of this, I wanted to start a new kind of post entitled “Song of My Life #___”. I’m going to post the song I’m currently really into and explain it’s purpose in my life. Some will be new songs, some will be old. They will be from all genres. My intention is to share my love of music and connect with other music lovers. Please, please share your current loves with me!! I love most genres and am always excited to learn about new artists.

Song of My Life #1: She Went out for Cigarettes by Chely Wright.

As you may or may not know, I’ve recently transitioned to a new job. The way my old job ended was kind of fucked up. Read about it hereĀ A 9 am text from Hawaii: Losing My Job and Being Totally Okay with It. I borrowed my moms SUV to move all my stuff out of my old classroom before my boss returned from his Hawaii vacation. For some reason my mom’s radio wasn’t working so I had to get out my old CD collection from high school. Chely Wright’s CD was right on top. “She Went out for Cigarettes” was the perfect song to listen to loudly while driving away. Now, I wasn’t breaking up with anyone, but in a way, a lot of those feelings were the same. I was slightly nostalgic, feeling mistreated, and so excited to escape and be free. This song has a theme of independence, of a wild and free woman. This is exactly how I felt. The line, “He doesn’t even know it yet, but she’s gone. As far as she can get, past the point of no regret,” perfectly mirrored how I was feeling. So I cranked this song up, put it on repeat, and loudly sang it again and again until I was home; free and past the point of no regrets. Thanks Chely for an oldie, but a goodie to help me through this transition. I couldn’t find an Official Video on Youtube, but here is a link anyway.



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