Costco and Cooking: Being as Real Food as I Can Be on a Budget

I love food. I’m neutral about cooking. Sometimes I enjoy the experience, all the smells and textures, but I will never, ever turn down takeout or someone else cooking for me. I love being provided food that is delicious and requires zero effort on my part. The problem with said takeout is it makes you fat. I have a firm belief that it isn’t the actual food that makes you fat (plenty of people eat cheeseburgers at home and are skinny), but all that added bullshit that makes Americans fat. Preservatives, chemical, filler, that is the root of evil within our food culture. To combat this, I try to cook as many yummy foods at home as possible. My husband and I try new recipes all the time for our favorite kinds of take out food, ultimately reducing the number of takeout trips, and in turn, the amount of junk going into our bodies. Costco helps greatly with this goal. I just got back and spent $233. I got practically everything one needs to make practically anything. I still need to get organic romaine (When will Costco jump on this bandwagon!) mushrooms, some beans, bread crumbs, and tomato products, but other than that, we are set for about a month of eating. In contrast, we could probably get 7 or 8 takeout meals on $233, depending on where we went and what we ate. While Costco offers some organic products, I’d definitely like to see more variety on this spectrum but I get it, it’s hard to get organic in bulk. I’d also like to see more natural cleaning products. Despite it’s faults, Costco plays a major role in maintaining my families food budget and waistlines. Cooking for yourself can be empowering, fulfilling, and good for the soul. It’s also cheaper and much, much healthier.


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