Starting the “Fun, Frugal, Fit, Family Friendly” Leg of this Race

The idea of cutting out all processed and unhealthy foods scares the shit out of me. I was raised on processed food, I love junk food, and have never really enjoyed cooking. The cost, the work, all the little details that seems to come with eating in a fully healthy way overwhelmed me. I also have never wanted to be that person who can’t eat a burger at a BBQ and instead eats homemade Kale chips they brought in their bag made of recycled milk cartons. This overwhelming fear has prevented me from ever fully trying to live this lifestyle. We’d do our best to live in a healthy way, but I don’t think we have ever been absolutely purposeful about grocery shopping, meal planning, budgeting, food storage, and cooking. We of course read labels and, I think, lived in a way deemed “healthy” by most Americans. We didn’t eat any boxed meals, and when we ate at home, we tried to use as much produce, whole grains, and whole food products as we could. We were active; kayaking, hiking, and hitting the weights frequently. However, I have three downfalls. They are take-out, alcohol, and dessert. I love all three and we had the budget to provide both quite frequently. Eating out three or four times a week wasn’t out of the norm. Often these outings were with friends, and our friend circle are all social drinkers.Nightly dessert was our routine, and I don’t mean berries and whip-cream dessert, but Snickers bars, Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream, Oreo’s, all the great, processed, American desserts available at your local convenience store.

Now, we’ve had a few changes in our life. Our budget is stricter and we actually have financial goals we’re working on that make eating out so much sound ridiculous. We also are seriously getting ready to start a family in the next year and a half. These two life factors have caused my husband and I to start changing our habits. I want to have the healthiest body I can when pregnant, and I also want to habitualize those things that I value before the little one comes.

So this week I am going to take the first steps toward my oh-so-lofty goals. Here are a few:

  • Cut out as much processed junk as possible
  • Have a food budget that is reasonable
  • Stop throwing away so much food
  • Increase super foods
  • Increase fitness and activity
  • Financially live within my means
  • Start saving

Join me on this fun new stage of growing up. Suggestions are tips welcome πŸ™‚


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