Age: 26

I’m 26. That’s a weird age. I’m still in my twenties, still classified as young on the spectrum on human life. I graduated college four years ago, far from all night parties and constant junk food, but still far from doing my own canning and gardening. I do not yet have children, but I am married. 26 is a year where you are pretty confident you have figured out who you are, but also can’t ignore that nagging suspicion that you really have no fucking idea. A year where you can now see the rest of your life as stages of progression and no longer divide life simple into college and after-college. You probably have a stable enough career and possibly a marriage that allows you to start planning for the future. You’re talking about what types of cars would be the safest for your un-conceived children. Looking at various savings options no longer sounds dorky to you. You are now caring for things in the best way possible is good, but feel little consequence yet for living in an unhealthy manner; you’re impacting no-one else yet and youth is still concealing your future state of health. Learning how to nurture both your body and your home becomes top priority. I feel this is the prime time to start gaining some better habits before the chaos of a family impact my life, before my decisions affect not only myself but also my offspring.This is my week one of getting ready for real adult-hood. Here is to me becoming Fun, Frugal, Fit and Family Friendly


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