My husband and I bought kayaks last year. We found a great deal on Craiglist and one of my life goals was complete! Growing up I saw so many of my friends were able to boat, ski, surf, ATV, and snowboard with their families. My family was much too poor to ever be able to afford the equipment for these sports and I so envied their ability to go out and explore nature on that level.

My husband and I go hiking all the time. We have surfed and kayaked and boated, each time simply paying the fee for equipment rental, knowing one day we would be able to do these things free of charge!

Now we have our own kayaks and can’t wait to get started on all these great adventures awaiting us. I’ll post about the places we go and keep everyone updated.

Our first trip, from the photo above, was last year on Labor Day. It was our first trip with our kayaks at we went to Owen’s Beach in Tacoma. There were tons of boats out because it was Labor Day. My husband didn’t yet have foot pedals and was also trying to figure out how to balance a 220 pound man in a kayak. We were also a bit rushed to get a trip in before the season ended so we had french oars that we jimmy-rigged together into a paddle that worked, but was much to short and flimsy for real kayaking. Needless to say, my husband fell in the ocean. He quickly swam back to shore and although he was a bit cold, he wasn’t discouraged for the next time.



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