Blogging. . . Perfection required?

I have always wanted to blog, I have stopped and started a few times. My main issue is that I have always felt my blog posts need to be polished, publish ready. The ideal of this mentality is that all of your blog posts are ready to be made into a book!! The downside, and most realistic side, is that you have zero blog posts at all because nothing is perfect. I have decided that is ridiculous, that this is a blog, not a novel and I am going to start sharing more of my unpolished, rough-around-the-edges thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Blogging. . . Perfection required?

  1. perfection isn’t mandatory. don’t be over-cautious polishing your writing. it’s your own place to write. nobody gonna judge you.
    and your English is pretty good (much better than mine). I’m sure you will be a fine blogger. so go ahead. 🙂

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