Glittery Pumpkins!!

If you don’t love glitter and pumpkins, we probably can not be friends. I love glitter and I love fall. This is a craft that honors both of those loves. It is simple, glittery, and easy to customize to your decor. It requires simple materials that are purchased at any grocery store or Walmart. It also makes it acceptable for glitter to “accidentally” get all over your house because glitter has this weird behavior of travelling everywhere.


November 2012 252

* mini pumpkins

*glitter in colors of your choice ( I chose purple, teal, and silver)

* Mod Podge (the best and stinkiest adhesive out there)

* paint-brush


1st: Mix equal parts of each color of glitter you want. I used silver, teal, and purple glitter. I used three cap-fulls of each color of glitter. I mixed the equal parts of glitter in the ever useful Ziploc bag. How much glitter you need depends on how many mini-pumpkins you used and how many colors you want to include.

2nd: Paint that mini-pumpkin with a base coat. I used real pumpkins because I love going to the pumpkin patch, however real pumpkins will rot after awhile. If you want your decorations to last more than one year, you can use foam pumpkins.

3rd: Paint the mini-pumpkin with Mod Podge and then sprinkle glitter on pumpkin. You should feel very excited to be using glitter for a real, adult craft.

4th: Admire the shine and awesomness.

glitter pumpkins


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