Polka Dot Nails-Includes Video Tutorial

I love doing nail art. For me, it is just another form of creation and expression that is also feminine and adds quick style. I love polka dot nails for summer. They seem so fun and it’s a great way to wear complimentary or contrasting colors on your nails.


  • Finger Nail Polish Remover
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail File
  • Clear Base-Coat/Top-Coat
  • Base Coat Color (I chose teal)
  • Polka Dot Color (I chose white)
  • Bobby-Pin with a rounded end (no need to buy those expensive tools)

First, a note on polish choice. There isn’t really a brand that I am 100% loyal to because I believe nail polish should be about the color and there are just so many great colors in many different brands. However there are some things to keep in mind when polish shopping. If the polish is too thin, it will always look streaky no matter how many coats. This is true for many of those cheap, $0.99 colors. It also needs to not be too thick or it will be hard to have a smooth look. I have found that Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear is a great, inexpensive brand. They are around $2.99 a bottle at Target. This brand isn’t incredibly chip-resistant, but I change my polish once a week or so. If you are looking for longer wearing color, you might want to go with a more expensive polish such as OPI.

Now on to the how-to! First, clear off all of your old polish. Trim and shape your nails until you have the length and shape you desire. I like really short, rounded nails. They look elegant to me and make it easy to live an active life-style. Next, apply a layer of base-coat. This will help your polish stay on, fortify your nail, and protect it from staining. Now apply your base color. Depending on the color and brand you have chosen, this could range from 1-4 coats of polish. For my teal I used Cosmetic Arts brand. It is a thin polish so I needed to use three coats. You want your color to be rich, full, and consistent in texture.

Now let your base coat completely dry. This step is super important!! If you don’t let your base coat fully dry, your polka dots will not be clean around the edges and the bobby pin will get stuck in the gooey, un-dry base polish.

Now take your bobby-pin (make sure it’s ends are rounded) and pull it a bit apart. Pour out a little of the polka-dot color. I pour it right onto my laminate table and then wipe the extra off when I’m done, but you could use a paper plate. In quick motions, dip the bobby-pin end into the polka dot color and then gently tap your nail to make the dot. the lighter you tap, the smaller the dot. The harder you tap, the larger the dot. Make sure to spread your polka-dots around and it looks more natural to have some going off of the edges to fill up space. It took me a few times before I was able to master the technique, sizing, and spacing. Here’s a link to my how-to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14PX_tR3LMw&feature=youtu.be

Now finish off with a shiny, top-coat to seal in your work! I used Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Fortifying Base & Top Coat. I like it because it is shiny and inexpensive.

You can do lots of different fun color combinations which makes this a great technique to learn. I have done purple nails with red dots for Valentines Day, red and blue nails with white dots for Fourth of July, and the video shows yellow nails with turquoise dots. Have fun with this and share any photos or color combinations that you have come up with. I’d love to be inspired by you. Please comment if you have any questions. Happy creating!


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