Magic Mike

Last weekend, we had girls night! It started with dinner and drinks and then, like any good heterosexual women, we headed to see the good ole’ stripper movie “Magic Mike“. I’ve never thought Channing Tatum was attractive. I’ve always thought  he  had a rather, well, um. . . special looking face. Ok, ok, that makes me sound horribly un-kind and I know I’m in the minority, but it is what I think! His character in “The Vow” was super sweet and I thought “21 Jump Street” was hilarious, but I have never understood why he is considered a heart throb.  But I couldn’t turn down a night with the gals so I tagged along. We love the theater near us because they have red leather, automatically reclining seats. So comfy!

As you can see behind us, the crowd was FULL of women. There was only one poor man in the entire theater whose girlfriend had dragged him to the theater. Ladies, do not I repeat DO NOT, make your boyfriend or husband watch this movie with you. They will hate it and you’ll be super uncomfortable! The man left for almost half of the movie, poor fellow. If you don’t have friends or friends who like strippers then you can just come by yourself. We had a seventy-something women sitting in our row who did just that. Way to go her!

The movie was really anything but magical. While Channing Tatum has a killer body, do you see how I didn’t say hot face, and is an incredible dancer, I was hoping for more from the story line. At first, it seemed like it was going to be a sweet romantic stripper movie (silly me for thinking this existed right). A stripper who desires to be a custom furniture maker meets the right girl and changes his life around. Sounds sweet right? Nope. The story line was horribly undeveloped and was disappointing as it really had the potential to be so much deeper. Nevertheless, it was a fun girls night and while I wouldn’t recommend it as a classical movie, it is a great movie to see with friends. Overall, a horribly fun movie, pun intended.


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