Discover Wandering

Discover wandering. I’m sure you are asking what in the heck does that mean and why did I choose it for my blog title. Here’s the scoop. I faced many struggles growing up, we’ll dive into those later, and I had to really be focused and driven during high school and college to reach the level of adult success I wanted. I had no time for wandering. I was bound by my circumstance and had no room for error. It was nose to the grindstone, full speed ahead, and all those hard work cliche’s for me. But then I made it! A college graduate with a job.

Most people are pretty excited at this point in their lives, but I was simply confused. What did I do now? The next step on the path of adulthood is children right? But my husband and I are so not ready for that level of responsibility and commitment. I spend about a year not really knowing what the purpose of this time was for me, how I should spend it and create meaning within in. Then I re-picked up “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard. The part where she uses the fence as a bridge to cross the creek made me laugh out loud. It also helped me realize the beauty of this time and how I could be like Dillard, seeing the beauty in the everyday and making the moments you want your life to be. Re-discovering the love of life a child has and the freedom that Dillard found in nature was the essence that I wanted to guide my life with. I would be able to wander through life, not aimlessly but purposefully, and discover and see life and myself in new and unique ways. Ways that aren’t shaped by goal setting and to-do lists. This epiphany happened about a year and half ago for me and I have loved every minute so far of my wandering. I have learned the power of my own thoughts to dictate my experience through life and that I am no longer controlled by outside circumstances, but I guide my own life. I wanted to start documenting and sharing this journey. Hence, my blog, Discover Wandering.


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