A Twenty-Something Blog

I am a teacher. A teacher who is finally on summer vacation!! I will try not to sound too excited. Yes, I do love my students and teaching is a great passion, but a girl sometimes needs a break to recharge and center herself. On my to-do list this summer was starting my much anticipated blog. You probably weren’t anticipating it unless you have some awesomely weird, supernatural, future seeing abilities, but I have been for awhile. And if you do have those abilities, let’s be best friends, k? Joking aside, I love writing. I love creating of all kinds and  I thought about writing a blog to share what I am going through in my twenty-something life. There are so many blogs for tweens and mothers, working professionals, but not many for women in their early to late 20’s who are past their college years, yet still trying to discover themselves and find the meaning of life before motherhood. Here I hope to connect with other women who have similar interests in nature, fitness, trying to become domestic, and living adventurously. I’ll be sharing articles and providing opinions on books, movies, recipes, and all of the new adventures I will pursue during this fun time of life. So if you’re also a twenty-something, or a college gal who is interested in what the future holds, or a mother who can offer advice, I’d love to hear your story and share mine. Let the adventure begin. . .


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